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2017 – time for truth

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I recently sponsored a workshop to discuss and exchange views on Scotland’s future, bearing in mind the threat of another independence referendum after Brexit. Those that attended didn’t represent a full cross section of Scottish voters (no SNP supporter accepted my invitation).  Some were die-hard supporters of the Union and as a consequence have a vitriolic dislike of all things SNP and Nicola Sturgeon.  Some were supporters of the Union but are concerned that by opposing all things SNP and Nicola Sturgeon they will damage their own...

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Scotland’s Place out of the EU

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The fear of losing Scotland to the SNP and Independence have dominated the political landscape in Scotland since the late 1950’s.  The internal machinations and divisions in the Labour Party’s elite resulted in Donald Dewar – with a burning desire to translate acceptance that Scotland is a true sovereign nation – drive through “devolution” in 1999. This much is confirmed by Tom Dalyell’s in his recent book “The Question of Scotland”.  Although he was clearly no friend of Dewar it is without rancour that he expresses...

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Scotland’s Place in Europe

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Fundamentally, by way of a revision to the Scotland Act, the Scottish Government is entitled to ask the UK Government to transfer power over reserved matters to the Scottish Parliament.  But that is not the issue with the publication “Scotland’s Place in Europe”.  Clearly the Scottish Government intend the UK Government to act on the recommendations and thereby bind Scotland to the outcome.  The issue is therefore whether the Scottish Government is acting responsibly by making such material proposals without a mandate by an election,...

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SCotland Economy

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PART 1 – FACTORS INFUENCING SCOTLAND’S ECONOMY   Introduction   The Independence Referendum and subsequent confusion over whether the New Scotland Act will satisfy the “Vow” may well have exposed a mass state of ennui amongst the Scottish population.  The creative ways in which the same information can be presented to support political strategies does nothing to bring objectivity to deciding the best way the Scottish Parliament can use its new and extended powers.  As an independent body we (“the Commission”) are able to bring...

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Leadership deficit

Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Current Affairs | Comments Off on Leadership deficit

  There’s a marketing adage “sell the sizzle not the steak”.  Don’t try to sell something that customers don’t want, show that you are simply the best.  The 2015 General Election showed that 50% of Scottish voters don’t believe Labour is the best party.  And significantly our market share was halved.  No denying the Party is in crisis – its boss “fell on his sword”. “Crisis needs change” and that’s just what the Labour Party need to do.  Being so massively out of touch with the electorate, change has to be...

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Labour and SNP are irreconcilable

Posted by on May 5, 2015 in Current Affairs | Comments Off on Labour and SNP are irreconcilable

    The SNP’s idea that they will lay siege to Westminster is somewhat Medieval – crude to say the least.  Especially because reasonable representatives should be able to negotiate a better arrangement.  But the SNP are neurotic about Independence. If they had any sense they would recognise that the circumstances which banjaxed them the last time – no currency and no central bank – are still relevant.  Even more so now that the North Sea has crashed and renewable energy is more uncertain.   I can empathise with the SNP...

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Scrap Smith?

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Current Affairs | Comments Off on Scrap Smith?

  More Fiscal Autonomy The limited fiscal autonomy granted by the Smith Agreement appears to make life more difficult for the Scottish Government particularly if their policies are materially different to the Westminster Government.  The SNP address this by demanding more fiscal autonomy or as some refer to it “Devo-Max”. Failure to satisfy SNP supporters will no doubt increase calls for another Referendum.  But the basic economic deficits haven’t changed – Scotland would have to accept Fiscal Rules set by H M Treasury unless it...

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Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Current Affairs | Comments Off on Futility

Discussing the deficiencies of FFA is futile I have come to the conclusion that the SNP are opportunists who take advantage of a pernicious and serendipitous streak which runs through Scottish society.  It explains why despite the dire warnings from the other parties, allegedly supported by the IFS, that the SNP plans for more fiscal control has no effect on the outstanding level of popular support they apparently enjoy.  Scots have an innate belief that they are winners even when it’s obvious they cannot be so.  I question whether in...

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Not a French Farce

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015 in Current Affairs | Comments Off on Not a French Farce

  NOT SO MUCH A FRENCH FARCE No surprise if the French Consul General believed that diplomatic relations between the UK and France is being served by reporting to the Scottish Office the gist of what took place between his Ambassador and various Ministers.  After all the UK and France are allies, joint members of the EU and significant trading partners.  And the Scottish Government is a small sub-central government who are threatening the stability of its National economy.  This promises to have a negative impact on European economies. ...

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SNP’s cake

Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in Current Affairs | Comments Off on SNP’s cake

  There are still too many voters who believe that high oil prices will return and that tax revenues are the same as Brent Crude Spot Price.  Ironically many of those that do would baulk at the idea of creating the sort of international crisis that will drive oil prices up, or for that matter paying more “at the pump”.  Whilst ever the US have large stocks of oil the prices will stay low and maybe go even lower.  When higher costs and increased tax allowances are factored in any reliance by the Scottish Government on UKCS revenues...

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