Having enjoyed a highly successful career for 48 years in the construction industry, Anthony has a built a reputation for being a “no nonsense” strategic thinker who quickly gets to the point.  His success in managing major construction projects and settling major disputes is based on a belief that sound preparation and knowledge of the detail are paramount to improving the odds of achieving a satisfactory outcome. He places great importance on planning strategy by analysing the alternative next steps and opportunities.

In order to get the best out of people Anthony constantly challenges and questions their motivation and reasoning.  Being regarded as a firm but fair leader is essential to his own motivation.  As a consequence he is well thought of for the importance he places on caring for the safety and welfare of the workforce and in keeping them informed.

Applying these standards with a strong ethical attitude to business has contributed to a reputation for transforming failing organizations and turning distressed businesses around.  He provided his services to one of UK’s major banks, advising on the way forward for a number of companies in the construction, building materials and waste sectors.

Calling on a unique career over several business sectors and an extensive experience in all forms of dispute resolution Anthony is able to challenge and guide parties by using his expert knowledge in contractual and technical issues.  In 2011 he helped parties reach mediated settlements in the two of the largest construction disputes in Scotland, one in the public sector and one in the private sector.

Taking an early interest in the Environmental Protection Act, he has been extensively involved in evolving remediation/development strategies for brownfield sites.  He has advised parties in resolving planning disputes.

Anthony believes that he benefits by playing an active role in trade associations and industry bodies.  He has been Chairman of BACMI Scotland 1986-1989 and a National Negotiator for Quarrying Industry NJIC.  He was also a Council Member of the FCEC.  He has adopted this “hands on” approach to understanding the issues he now comments on by being a Local Area Committee Member and a member of the Community Planning Group for his Local Authority in Scotland.

Anthony  retired in 2014 as an active Council Member of CBI Scotland he sat on their Public Service and Infrastructure & Environment Groups with specific responsibility for liaising with the Scottish Futures Trust.  In this role he is the author of several papers commenting on Public Infrastructure Procurement and Public Spending.  He also offers his thoughts and opinions on the matters which affect economic regeneration.