Project Funding

Harris Rush Associates are able to offer a service which will facilitate matching private investors with real estate developers and infrastructure providers.  We can put developers in touch with funding up to £100 million or act as a service to lenders and funders who have already come together.

The benefits of using our service are:

  • eliminates wasted time and cost and therefore speeds up the transaction;
  • reduce risk and therefore reduce risk premium;
  • creates investor understanding and therefore confidence;plugs skills and experience gaps in both lender and borrower organisations; andprovides independent due-diligence and project monitoring and therefore improves decision making.

Our model creates an integrated funding process management system which will give borrowers access to scarce sources of capital through well-planned transactions. It will also give lenders confidence to lend into market sectors it has no experience of and therefore lacks the necessary expertise to feel confident that the project will be successfully completed.

To learn more either email Anthony Rush on