Until recently Anthony was Chairman of the consultancy practices he founded in 1993 and which later, having acquired the ASH Consulting Group (an Environmental Consultant), became the ASHRA Group in 1999. At its peak the combined annual fee turnover of his practices exceeded £2.5 million reflecting the success brought about by his ethical values and focus. We now offers the following services:


Dispute resolution

Anthony offers services through Harris, Rush Associates Limited. He has a formidable network of associates he can call on for their expertise to help resolve complex construction and building disputes. He is particularly prepared to use his experience to help parties in reaching mediated solutions where there are interacting technical and contractual issues. Whilst not an accredited mediator, Anthony is prepared to take on that role, or a joint role, where the parties want more than a “stick and carrot” approach and believe that his specialist knowledge would assist with reaching a solution.

Renewable energy and the environment

Having kept close contact with the environmental consultancy practice, ASH Design and Assessment, and with Prevailing, experts in wind farm analysis, Anthony can offer to assist private clients with developing renewable energy projects.  We are also interested in developing our Project Funding model in this sector.

Organisational challenges and change

Provided it is a short term commitment Anthony is prepared to assist companies with organisational challenges.

Project Funding

Our preferred size of project would require funding of between £20 and 50 million, but we are able to consider shovel ready or near ready projects down to £10 million and up to £100 million.  To ensure equality of interest under our model, our lenders would prefer that the developer partially funds the project themselves, either through cash equity or capital receipts from the sale of land and buildings; however this is not an essential requirement in all circumstances.


We research current affairs on commission or by our own initiative.